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Sail Monterey Bay


Where's there to go sailing on the Monterey Bay?

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Pacific Yachting and Sailing will only charter to a sailor that is ASA or US Sailing Bareboat Certified (or approved by our staff). Because our sailing and ocean conditions can be challenging at times, we also require that you have one knowledgeable & experienced crew member. If you need crew to help sail the boat and actually contribute towards the expense, just send us an e-mail request (sample below).


Pacific Yachting has a secure crew list that anyone can register their name on at any time by simply sending the request to info@PacificSail.com. Most people on the Crew List are either Bareboat certified with plenty of sailing time or have had moderate sailing experience.

Below is a copy of what our certified sailors send out through the Pacific Yachting & Sailing crew list database to all people on the crew list (visit our contact form to register). It's a great way to improve your sailing skills between classes, and to practice your skills with other qualified sailors after you're certified.

If you are a certified sailor and want more crew, please copy the bold in blue below, fill in your name, e-mail address, and phone (optional) and e-mail it back to us at info@PacificSail.com. We will send it out within 24hrs to our entire crew list data base.

Anyone can register their e-mail address on the crewlist. However,we do recommend that you have at least taken our Basic Sailing & Seamanship Course.

Sample of what we send

Crew list notice:
Pacific Yachting & Sailing
790 Mariner Park Way Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-423-7245 800-374-2626 PacificSail.com

This is a sample of what the Bareboat Certified sailor seeking crew sends to sail@cruzio.com - Just put your name, e-mail, and phone (optional) in this format and send it off to us. We'll get your notice out asap.

010/31/15 Francis Drake, ASA (American Sailing Association) Bareboat certified sailor is seeking crew on the weekend 11/15-16/15. Please send e-mail to: sirfrancisdrake@surfnet.com, or call 831-444-2234 if you are interested in participating in both the expense and sailing. Thank-you.

The purpose of the Pacific Yachting & Sailing Crew list is solely for sailors that want to sail on the Monterey Bay here at Pacific Yachting. We hope that this list will help get you out sailing more often. If you do not want to receive this e-mail notice from Pacific Yachting & Sailing please click here
Please delete your e-mail address in the designated section. If you have a friend or sailor that may be interested in our school and sailing programs, please go to that same section and subscribe them.

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