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Sail Monterey Bay

Eight Day Instruction Program

The Eight-Day Instruction Program is an excellent way to learn how to sail and obtain the Bareboat level of certification.You will experience eight consecutive days of sailing instruction on the Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean.

Catalina aft

The course structure is the same as our weekend group classes. Pacific Yachting & Sailing offers you the free option of living onboard one of our sailboats after your course time. Our Eight-Day courses accommodate a maximum of four students (two students, minimum).

We put together groups of interested students weekly, thus you can sign up as a single person. Come as a couple and close the class at two for an additional charge (see below).

The boat you'll be staying on is moored at our docks. The accommodations are simple but adequate. All of the yachts have sleeping berths, galleys (kitchens) with cooking stoves and iceboxes, and heads (bathrooms). Additional bathrooms with showers are close by the docks. Due to the variety of excellent eating establishments within a short walking distance, most students do not cook onboard, however it is permitted. If you do wish to cook aboard, cooking utensils can be supplied at an extra cost if requested. Bedding will also be provided at an extra cost, if requested. We recommend that you arrange to stay at a local inn or hotel the evening prior to the start of your course. There are many local restaurants, grocery stores, a state beach and even a museum all within easy walking distance of your boat.

Free wireless internet access.

Completion of the Eight-Day Course prepares you for the following certifications:
  • ASA 101 Basic Keelboat
  • ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 104 Bareboat Chartering
In most cases, when a student has completed eight consecutive days (or 4 week-ends), passing all of the practical requirements to Bareboat Charter, our USCG Licensed Captain will certify students to the ASA Bareboat levels without a review /check-out. Certified sailors are required to have crew that is competent to the Basic Coastal Cruising level of experience to charter a boat from Pacific Yachting & Sailing.
This is an excellent video of a sailor that took our 8 day course and is now chartering our boats regularly. Check out the Dall's Porpoises.

The Eight-Day Program includes:
Basic Sailing & Seamanship - days 1 & 2
Basic Coastal Cruising - days 3 & 4
Intermediate Coastal Cruising - days 5 & 6
Bareboat Chartering - days 7 & 8

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Want more info? Try our FAQ.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our sailing courses or to sign up directly.

(831) 423-SAIL
(800) 374-2626

Format: Eight consecutive days. Days 1 & 2, 10am-4pm. Days 3-6, 9:30am-4:30pm. Day 7-8, 9:30am to 4:30pm. We take a 1/2 hr lunch break each day.
Cost (per student)
Private (2 students) 8 consecutive days Non Member-$1,820.00 Member-$1,720.00
Private (2 students) 4 weekends* Non Member-$1,880.00 Member-$1,780.00
Group (3-4 students) 8 consecutive days Non Member-$1,295.00 Member-$1,185.00
Group (3-4 students) 4 weekends* Non Member-$1,295.00 Member-$1,185.00

* does not have to be on consecutive weekends
** this is a special rate for non-members who pay in advance for all 3 courses in advance

Liveaboard for weekend students is only allowed on Saturday night and the cost is $25.00 extra.

Effective October 1, 2007, ASA will require all sailing schools to include a one-time $39 certification fee for students at the Basic Keelboat certification level (ASA 101)

ASA Materials Certification Cost: ASA logo

Optional Certification Cost Includes: Please see ASA description below. Includes: Membership to ASA, ASA Log Book, three textbooks-"Sailing Made Easy, Coastal Cruising Made Easy, and Bareboat Cruising", the ASA Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering written exams - $238.00

Schedule: Check our calendar for upcoming classes. Students registered for private (2-students/consecutive) instruction may start the Eight-Day Program on a date of their choosing.

The first two days we start at 10:00 a.m. and finish at 4:00 pm. The remaining 6 days we start at 9:30 a.m. and finish at 4:30 pm. We take a 1/2 hr lunch break around noon. We'd appreciate it if you'd arrive about 15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate paperwork. We'll give you a parking permit and shower keys when you arrive if you're staying onboard one of our boats.

Please let us know if you want to challenge and take the ASA Sailing Certification exams during your course. It's not mandatory to take either testing program to Bareboat Charter boats with Pacific Yachting and many other sailing companies, however, it does turn the doorknob, making it easier in many cases.

Most students that have the desire and determination can pass the practical qualifications up to Bareboat Certification level in eight days. Because students learn at different paces, we cannot guarantee you will be certified within a certain time period. We can say that students do quite well in our courses because our instructors prove to instruct with patience, and make you feel comfortable enough to go on to the next topic with ease. If you are a good listener, and prove to pick up the essential skills that show you are comfortable with all aspects of boat handling & sailing, you will likely get certified.

Also, please note that once you do get certified it's a good idea to practice your skills as regularly as possible. Your options will be chartering a boat with another experienced crew, buying a boat, or crewing for other experienced sailors. We have a crew list that makes this process easier. Please click here for details. Practice makes perfect. This is a list and pricing of the fleet of boats that we have for charter, once you are certified.

We recommend you bring along the following items:

We'd recommend wearing soft-soled comfortable shoes, a warm jacket, sweater, and a windbreaker. Layered clothing is the best way to dress. You can store an extra jacket or sweater in the boat's cabin. To protect yourself from the sun - a billed hat, UV-blocking sunglasses and sunscreen. Gloves provide easier holding of lines and help prevent chafe. They don't have to be "sailing gloves"-bicycling, golf, weight-training, even garden gloves will work.

You will also need bedding & towels if you plan to sleep onboard. Pacific Yachting and Sailing provides comfortable lifejackets and foul weather gear if needed. The weather can be chilly in the evening and range from 55-85 degrees during the day.

View our map and directions.

The cost of your course covers all instruction and use of the boats during the day with our USCG Instructors. Living onboard the boats in the evening is a free option that Pacific Yachting & Sailing offers. The boats that you can overnight on are simple and adequate. If you are planning on staying onboard, we appreciate it that you keep the boat clean and tidy throughout the course time. We may or may not use the boat you're living on, depending on what level we're training in.

Bedding (sheets, blankets, towels, etc.) are available for the charge of $130 per couple or $80 for a single person. Please let our office staff know at least 7 days prior to your arrival if you need them. We recommend that you stay at a local Inn or Hotel the evening prior to your course if you are coming a from long distance location. If you need a ride from the airport you can call the Airporter van at: 1-800-497-4997

We recommend that you stay at a local Inn or Hotel the evening prior to your course if you are coming a from long distance location. Here's a link to some local hotels.

All of the yachts have sleeping berths, galleys (kitchens), heads (bathrooms), cooking stoves and iceboxes. Additional showers and bathrooms are close by the docks. If we put the course together with single students, you may be placed together, living onboard the boat. Each student will have a separate berth. There are various local restaurants grocery stores, a state beach and even a museum all within walking distance of your boat.

Cooking is permitted onboard, although most students choose not to cook because of the variety of good to excellent eating establishments a short walking distance from the boat. Cooking utensils will be an extra cost if requested.

We'll look forward to having you here with us at Pacific Yachting & Sailing. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Please click FAQ for some common questions you may have.

COURSE CANCELLATION POLICY - RAIN OR ADVERSE WEATHER - 100% Refund • 7 day Cancellation - No charge • 3 DAY Cancellation - 50% charge • 24 HR. Cancellation 100% charge - unless serious medical excuse - then only 50% charge.

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