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Giving Back

Charitable Donations

Shared Adventures

Founded on the belief that recreation, fun, challenge and access to the outdoors are an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling life, Shared Adventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with disabilities.

Giving back

During the warmer months, Pacific Yachting & Sailing donates a yacht for sailing excursions for the Shared Adventure participants, monthly. We do have Shared Adventures pay our Captain a nominal fee. Any donations contributed to Shared Adventures for this program would be appreciated. Please click here for more information.

Kid Quest

Kid Quest addresses the needs of children with severe disabilities in a collaborative model with private organizations, parents, and public schools working together. Individuals will benefit from support in the areas of nutrition, educational therapies, and alternative education.

During the warmer months, Pacific Yachting & Sailing donates a yacht for sailing excursions for the Kid Quest participants, monthly. We do have Kid Quest pay our Captain a nominal fee. Any donations contributed to Kid Quest for this program would be appreciated. Please click here for more information.

California's budget deficit has led to massive cut backs in education. Although special education is largely protected by specific mandates through the federal government, BALANCE4Kids seeks to support public education by "giving back" to the schools. The opportunity to provide instructional assistants enabled BALANCE4Kids to save the school districts that it currently serves, tens of thousands of dollars annually because we leave the profit margin in the schools. In addition we fund special education workshops to our staff throughout the year at no cost to the schools. BALANCE4Kids has been actively fundraising since 1999 to provide "above the basic" items and enrichment programs for special education classrooms in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Shared Adventures

The Bridge of Hope Disability Sailing Program

Sponsored by The Bridge of Hope Foundation And Pacific Yachting & Sailing

About The Program

In July of 1999, The Bridge of Hope Disability Sailing Program was established in Santa Cruz California for the purpose of providing both young people and adults with disabilities the opportunity of experiencing the exhilaration and freedom that sailing offers.

Sailboats and USCG licensed skippers are provided for the program by Pacific Yachting and Sailing, Inc. owned and operated by Mr. Marc Kraft. Pacific Yachting and Sailing is located at 790 Mariner Park Way at the Santa Cruz Harbor.

The Bridge of Hope Foundation a nonpolitical, nonsectarian tax exempt nonprofit 501c organization. The mission of the organization is to provide a variety of services for disabled and disadvantaged individuals. Members of the organization wish to offer people with disabilities involvement with sailing, believing that such can provide them with much pleasure and opportunities for development of independence and personal growth.

Many people who have taken part in the Disability Sailing Program have told us that the sailing experiences they have enjoyed with us have been some of their greatest adventures. We are excited about expanding the Program to enable more people with disabilities to be able to experience the joy of sailing.

Your Help Is Needed

Disabled persons taking part in the Sailing Program are not required to pay any fees. Our ability to expand and develop the program as desired will depend upon available funding. Persons involved in the organization are donating both time, effort and money to make the Program work. Your contribution is urgently needed. Any support you offer will be greatly appreciated.

The Masters Art Glass Connection

Masters Art Glass produces quality etched glass gift items as well as other Art Glass creations utilizing leaded, fusing and slumping techniques. While our operation is a "for profit business", we have a special mission that enables us to create value that exceeds that of just monetary gain.

Like all of us, people with disabilities want to feel useful, needed and as independent as their circumstances permit. From experience, we know that many people with disabilities can be very responsible, productive workers. It is the mission of Masters Art Glass to develop a successful company that will employ disabled and disadvantaged individuals. We see our mission as being a socially responsible one and have hopes that other business owners might catch and share our vision.

All profits produced by Masters Art Glass beyond administrative and owners modest salary costs are donated to the Bridge of Hope Foundation and other similar projects that work to help the disability community and disadvantaged people. In addition to The Sailing Program, Masters Art Glass profits donated to The Bridge of Hope Foundation goes to provide Children and adults with disabilities Camp Scholarships, wheelchairs and adaptive handcycles.

What You Can Do To Help

You can help by volunteering to help transfer disabled persons in and out of boats.
You can help people with disabilities by purchasing Masters Art Glass gift items.
You can help by providing needed financial support.

Let Us Hear From You

If you are a disabled person and would like to schedule a sail with us.
If you wish to volunteer your services.
If you wish to order etched gift items or custom work from Masters Art Glass.
If you would like to provide financial support. Contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a Bridge of Hope Foundation receipt.

Or if you need additional information regarding:
Pacific Yachting & Sailing
The Disability Sailing Program
The Bridge of Hope Foundation
Masters Art Glass

Thank you for your interest in helping us to "Build a bridge between people in need and people who care".

Clarke L. Masters
Bridge of Hope Foundation, President
Masters Art Glass, Co-owner

The Bridge of Hope Foundation
P.O. Box 576
Soquel, CA 95073

Masters Art Glass
P.O. Box 143
Soquel, CA 95073
Phone # (831) 464-2475
Fax # (831) 465-1834