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Intermediate Coastal Cruising

Catalina under way The goal of this two-day course is to introduce the student to the traditional techniques of Coastal Navigation, and to refine the skills learned in Basic Coastal Cruising. The Intermediate Coastal Cruising Course is the second half of the Basic Coastal Cruising Course.

At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to read a nautical chart and identify corresponding landmarks and aids to navigation, determine the vessel's location, plot a course to steer, properly dock the vessel under motor power, take appropriate precautions when sailing under reduced visibility, and successfully recover an overboard victim. We recommend that students follow on to take our Bareboat Course to refine your skills and become certified to charter our yachts and vessels worldwide.

Sailing students

This course prepares students for the Bareboat Chartering course and comprises days 5 and 6 of the Six- or Eight-Day program. Please see detailed information regarding the ASA certification below.

Topics covered:

•Wheel Steering
•Maneuvering Under Power
•Docking and Tight-quarters
•Plumbing and Electrical Systems
•Steering systems
•Diesel engine operation
•Managing Heel & Weather Helm
•Sail selection and shape
•Emergency Tiller Usage
•Crew Overboard
•Recovery Procedures
•VHF Marine Radio Usage
•Safety Equipment Regulations
•Safety Gear Use
•Anchorages and anchoring
•Review points of sail
•Gybing and Tacking review
•Reefing Underway
•Navigation Rules
•Reading a Nautical Chart
•Rules of the Road
•Determining position and plotting course
•Heavy weather techniques
•Heaving To
•Diesel Engine Operation and Troubleshooting

Format: Two consecutive days, 930am to 4:30pm

Prerequisite: Basic Coastal Cruising or special permission from Pacific Yachting Staff.

Cost (per student)
Private (2 students) Two days- 9:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $470.00- Non-Member $445.00 Member
Group (3-4 students) Two days- 9:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $340.00 Non-Member $310.00 Member

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Textbook: Coastal Cruising Made Easy, ASA

Coastal Cruising Made Easy

Certification: Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) at the conclusion of taking Intermediate Coastal Cruising.

Schedule: Every Weekend or a Friday-Saturday (day 5-6) of an 8 day consecutive course.

Most students that have a strong & serious commitment to become an excellent sailor do just fine, passing all of the written & practical requirements.

Blue compass Most students that take the 6 day course consecutively can usually pass the ASA practical requirements up to Basic Coastal Cruising in course time. Most students that take the 8 day course consecutively can usually pass the ASA practical requirements up to Bareboat in course time.

Certification at PY&S

At Pacific Yachting and Sailing, ASA (American Sailing Association Certification) is offered as an option, at additional cost. We recommend that the sailor maintain documented sailing time at least once every three months to keep current in their skills.

Note - most students that complete 4 week-ends or 8 consecutive days- Basic Sailing & Seamanship, Basic Coastal Cruising, Intermediate Coastal Cruising, and Bareboat Chartering can satisfy the ASA practical requirements for the Bareboat level of certification. In other words, it's likely you will be able to take out a boat as a bareboat skipper, with experienced crew, after 8 days, in most cases.

Our courses are designed to prepare the student to successfully challenge the certification standards for that particular skill level. Most of our students are able to pass the ASA practical skill requirements during course time. Some students, however, require an additional Review Course or two before they are ready to challenge the Practical Checkout. No two students are alike. We all learn at our own pace. Those with previous boating experience can pick up the fundamentals more quickly than those without previous experience. While there are no guarantees, on average, students at our sailing school are ready to charter on their own after they complete eight days of formal instruction.

*While certification provides a basis for chartering companies to evaluate a customer's competency, even with ASA or US Sailing certification many charter companies may require an on-the-water test of sailing skill (called a "practical checkout") before chartering.
**PY&S Charter Certification is available to others who successfully challenge the Practical Checkout. Students can take the ASA written exams at any time after they have taken the appropriate practical course(s). Most students that are local come back after the 8 days of instruction (up to the Bareboat level) and take the 3 exams at one time. The exams are not open book.

Optionally, the ASA certification package is $238.00 which includes: Membership to ASA, ASA Log Book, three textbooks - "Sailing Made Easy, Coastal Cruising Made Easy, and Cruising Fundamentals", the ASA Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering written exams - $238.00

Team Challenge 2014, rounding the lighthouse