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Sail Monterey Bay

Teambuilding: Team Challenge Sailing Regatta

Teambuilding through sailing.

"Team Challenge" is a 3-hour team-building sailing regatta which creates a unique opportunity for a company to enhance the team spirit of a select group of participants. We use our larger yachts from 31-46 feet in length.

Out to sea We split up a large group into smaller teams of six sailors per yacht. Our US Coast Guard Licensed Skipper/ Team Building leader guides and instructs all participants in the rudiments of sailing and they practice in a fun, teambuilding sailing race.

The participants can use their new skills in the challenge of competition and working together as a cooperating team. All yachts involved use the team work needed to sail and win the race. The sail in not strenuous for any of the participants.


Santa Cruz - $425* per yacht

Monterey - $775* per yacht
*Plus a 5% Santa Cruz Port tax

Questions - info@PacificSail.com

Click here for a great article called: 5 Lessons Sailboat Racing Taught Me About Running a Small Business, By Norman Davant

Pro sailor Norman Davant says it all comes down to finding the best people, fostering teamwork, then stepping out of the way.

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The results of Team Challenge can build confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. (Team Challenge can accommodate 108 people: 18 yachts take 6 each) For detailed information, please read below.

Our fleet is based in Santa Cruz. It takes our Captains 4 hours to deliver the boat (s) to Monterey and 4 hours for the return trip. That is the reason for the higher cost for the Team Challenge out of Monterey.

The cost per boat includes the Yacht & USCG Captain Team Building leader.

About 32 years ago we developed with the "Team Challenge" sailing program which parallels concepts in similar corporate development programs such as the "Ropes Course."

We take large groups of people that work for the same company and bring them together in a different environment: a sailboat. We proceed to have them participate in a group sailing race that is fun but can get competitive and challenging, similar to their outside work environment. One of the goals we are trying to accomplish is to sail the yacht as a team, working with your colleagues on building a network together.



Happy sailor In most companies today there are many diverse, ethnic individuals or different levels of management. Our "Team Challenge" brings everyone together on our sailboats as an equal in their team.

The United States is beginning to follow other countries' success by following their group problem solving and teamwork skills. For a long time in the U.S. everyone seemed to be striving for their own personal success, working independently. However, when you combine that group strategy, the success results will be obvious. This is another point we hope our Team Challenge companies walk away with in our program.


Sailing requires a cooperative team, like a successful business, with crew members working together to develop a productive, efficient, and an interactive result. Whether offered as a reward to successful veterans or an incentive for increased productivity among aspiring staff, or as a catalyst for "breaking the ice" for newly formed teams, our "Team Challenge" offers an enjoyable, effective, and safe means towards your goals.


Boats racing We proceed to split a large group up into small groups of six. Conceivably we can accommodate 108 people with 18 yachts and skippers. Our Skippers are USCG Licensed and have qualities of unsurpassed communication skills, patience, and the ability to diplomatically instruct the sailing group to sail the yacht as a true working team.

Each skipper will take their group onboard the sailing yacht and cover safety gear and basic boat parts and simple functions before departure to the bay. Once out sailing he will rotate each person in a sailing role and let the crew actually sail the boat on their own.

At a designated time, one of the boats will blow a horn to signal a 5 minute warning before the start of the Team building race. All 18 boats cross the starting line with enthusiasm and vigor. We understand that with some of the people have never been on a boat in their lives, and that's fine. What's great about this program is that it's a natural that six people have to work together to make the boat move. Each person is a contributing factor to the equation of doing their best to make the boat win. Participants can learn more about their other working mates. Who takes over in a stressful situation? Are those that have the sailing knowledge willing to teach the others so that the entire boat can sail more effectively, or do they need to show off their skills and try to singlehand the entire boat themselves?


Clearing the buoy Team Challenge is a unique, adventurous, sailing program for groups of people that work together. It is an excellent verification of the power that lies in cooperation, communication, confidence, and leadership for the effective and efficient execution of a sailing challenge.

With the Pacific Yachting Team Challenge training program, small teams of six sailors per boat can experience aspects of self-confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. Sailors will expose the potential to excel in a truly cooperative effort and share in a unique comradery that they may not normally undergo in their usual work environment.

Feel free to contact us to discuss more of the details to arrange the "Team Challenge" sailing activity for your company.

We would just need a credit card number to hold your reservation. We wouldn't put it through until you arrive. You can fill out our secure on line application form, or call it in to us.

If participants arrive in their own cars, we pre purchase all day parking passes from the Santa Cruz Harbor for $5.00. each. If you arrive in a van or bus, there's actually room in our parking lot for them to park.

You're welcome to bring food and beverages along on your sail. All of our boats have iceboxes, however, you'd need to bring ice if you want to keep your beverages cool. You're welcome to bring soft or styrofoam coolers onboard our boats.

We'd recommend your group wear soft-soled, comfortable shoes, a warm jacket, sweater, and a windbreaker. Layered clothing is the best way to dress. They can store an extra jacket or sweater in the boat's cabin. To protect from the sun - a billed hat, UV-blocking sunglasses and sunscreen. Pacific Yachting and Sailing provides comfortable lifejackets.

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