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Sail Monterey Bay

Bareboat Chartering Instruction

This course continues to prepare the student to charter a larger wheel steered auxiliary powered sailboat, sailing by day in coastal waters in moderate to strong wind and sea conditions.

You will continue to build and review on the skills learned in the Basic Sailing & Seamanship, Basic Coastal Cruising and Intermediate Coastal Cruising courses. Students who exhibit the requisite sailing and boat handling skills will be certified to the ASA Bareboat certification during course time.


In most cases, when a student has completed eight consecutive days (or 4 week-ends), and they have done exceptionally well, passing all of the practical requirements to Bareboat Charter, our USCG Licensed Captain can and will certify them to the ASA Bareboat levels without a review /check-out. Certified sailors are required to have crew that is competent to the Basic Coastal Cruising level of experience to charter a boat from Pacific Yachting & Sailing. If students go through 8 days of instruction and they don't pass the practical check out they can take a one day review/ check out to pass the Bareboat Charter qualifications.

Completion of this class prepares you to take the ASA Bareboat Chartering Certification. This is a good course for those interested in chartering the Pacific Yachting Sailboats as well as in many tropical locations that we can help arrange for you.

ASA Certification: Bareboat Chartering

Once a student passes the practical Bareboat requirements they can charter a boat here at Pacific Yachting. We recommend taking the three ASA written exams ( Basic Sailing & Seamanship, Basic Coastal Crusing and Bareboat Chartering) after becoming Bareboat certified.

Most students take the time to study the books- Sailing & Cruising Fundamentals prior to taking the written exams. Pacific Yachting administers the written exams which are not open book. Please click here for more information on the ASA certification - American Sailing Association.

Bareboat Chartering

The Bareboat Chartering class is excellent prepartion for our Advanced Coastal Cruising & Piloting course and comprises days 7 and 8 of the Eight-Day program.

Topics covered:

•Navigation rules
•Roller Furling
•Cruise Planning
•Emergency Tiller Use
•Steering a Compass Course
•Crew Overboard Recovery
•Sailing in Reduced Visibility ·
•Electronic Instrumentation
•Emergency Procedures
•Marine Stove Use
•Coastal Navigation
•Heaving to
•Anchoring and Mooring
•Docking Review

Format: Two consecutive days - Sat & Sun., 9:30 am-4:30 pm

We put group Intermediate Coastal Cruising Courses together most weekends, thus a single or couple can join in

Prerequisite: Intermediate Coastal Cruising or permission from Pacific Yachting Staff.

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Cost (per student)
Private (2 students) Two days- 9:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $470.00- Non-Member $445.00 Member
Group (3-4 students) Two days- 9:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $340.00 Non-Member $310.00 Member

Practical Checkout Evaluation Form

Candidate's Name: Date
Evaluator's Name:
Sailing Skill Tested Score
Departing and returning to slip (docking) (15)
Upwind Sailing (points of sail, tacking) (15)
Downwind Sailing (points of sail, controlled jibe) (15)
Heaving To (10)
Reefing (10)
Crew Overboard Recovery (20)
Properly securing boat at end of sail (10)
Basic Nav- STD & plot course to Monterey (5)
Total Score (90% passing)  
Proper Preparatory and Execution Commands (10)
Proper and steady course "as called" (20)
Proper sail trim (15)
Smoothness of maneuvers (e.g., overshoot, boom control) (20)
Always moving helm in the proper direction (Y/N) (5)
Smooth and proper jib sheet control (10)
Overall safety and control (20)
Total Score (90% passing)  

Evaluator's Recommendations:

Evaluator's Signature: _________________________________________________

The purpose of the Practical Checkout is to assess the candidate's sailing knowledge and ability to competently and safely handle a sailboat, under both sail and power, in all wind and sea conditions with confidence, precision and ease. Skills covered in the checkout include docking and maneuvering under power in tight quarters, reefing, coastal navigation, all points of sail with appropriate sail trim and steerage, controlled jibes, tacking, anchoring, crew overboard recovery, proper boat set-up and securing, and more.

Use the Evaluation Form to score the candidate's level of expertise in each skill area. The numbers in parentheses in the "Score" column are the maximum number of points allotted to each skill. There are 100 points possible for each section, "Maneuvers" and "Control/Command". A score of 90% in each section is required to pass the Practical Checkout.

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Textbook: Bareboat Cruising, American Sailing. $39.00 includes tax
Bareboat Chartering

Certification: Bareboat Chartering (practical check-out included in course)

What to bring: soft soled shoes, warm jacket and sweater, sunscreen, windbreaker & lunch. Pacific Yachting provides comfortable lifejackets and foul weather gear if needed.

Optional Certification Cost: Please see ASA descrioption below.

Includes: Membership to ASA, ASA Log Book, three textbooks - "Sailing Made Easy, Coastal Cruising Made Easy, and Bareboat Cruising", the ASA Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering written exams-$238.00

New Graduates

Certification at PY&S

At Pacific Yachting and Sailing, ASA (American Sailing Association Certification) is offered as an option, at additional cost. We recommend that the sailor maintain documented sailing time at least once every three months to keep current in their skills.

Note- most students that complete 4 week-ends or 8 consecutive days- Basic Sailing & Seamanship, Basic Coastal Cruising, Intermediate Coastal Cruising, and Bareboat Chartering can satisfy the ASA practical requirements for the Bareboat level of certification. In other words, it's likely you will be able to take out a boat as a bareboat skipper, with experienced crew, after 8 days, in most cases.

Our courses are designed to prepare the student to successfully challenge the certification standards for that particular skill level. Most of our students are able to pass the ASA practical skill requirements during course time. Some students, however, require an additional Review Course or two before they are ready to challenge the Practical Checkout. No two students are alike. We all learn at our own pace. Those with previous boating experience can pick up the fundamentals more quickly than those without previous experience. While there are no guarantees, on average, students at our sailing school are ready to charter on their own after they complete eight days of formal instruction.

*While certification provides a basis for chartering companies to evaluate a customer's competency, even with ASA or US Sailing certification many charter companies may require an on-the-water test of sailing skill (called a "practical checkout") before chartering.
**PY&S Charter Certification is available to others who successfully challenge the Practical Checkout.
Students can take the ASA written exams at any time after they have taken the appropriate practical course(s). Most students that are local come back after the 8 days of instruction (up to the Bareboat level) and take the 3 exams at one time. The exams are not open book.
Optionally, the ASA certification package is $238.00 which includes: Membership to ASA, ASA Log Book, three textbooks-"Sailing Made Easy, Coastal Cruising Made Easy, and Bareboat Cruising", the ASA Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering written exams-$238.00