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Sail Monterey Bay

Skippered Charters

Our US Coast Guard licensed Captain will take your party of up to six passengers on board one of our 14 luxury sailing yachts. Restroom (head) and kitchen (galley)facilities are located below. You can get a feel for sailing on the beautiful Monterey Bay National Sanctuary. During your sail, you're welcome to participate as much as you desire. If you choose to just watch the coastline, and enjoy having our Skipper sail the boat completely, that's fine also.

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  • No more than six passengers per boat (USCG Requirements)
  • Minimum 3 hour cruise on weekends
  • Two hour cruise after 4:30 p.m. is permissible on weekends
  • If you want a vessel 40-46 feet please vist the bareboat fleet page and see full day rates only - add $30. per hr for for the skipper
  • A gratuity for the Captain is greatly appreciated, but is totally at your discretion
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Skippered Charter Rates

Cruise Length Price includes 32-36 foot
sailing yacht & USCG
licensed skipper  
(up to 6 passengers)
2-Hour Cruise $280.00
3-Hour Cruise $370.00
4-Hour Cruise $445.00
5-Hour Cruise $515.00
6-Hour Cruise $610.00


Many beautiful sailing adventures, include:

  • Leisurely sail past the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
  • Whale and seal watching
  • North coast excursions
  • Capitola Village mooring
  • Ocean picnic or catered meal
  • Romantic sunset cruise
  • Available for weddings, marriage proposals, and funerals
  • Bring along as much food & beverages as you desire or call us and we can refer you to a local catering company.

Catalina 32


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Wharf Coconut

Catalina Starboard Grey Whale

My family experience with your organization, boat product, and staff was no less than superior. The professionalism, timeliness, boat quality, and helmsman experience/ability to make the entire package well recieved was well executed...enough said. Peter was excellant and a good spokesman for your organization. Again, I "felt the Quality" , being from GE and six-sigma quality culture, that is something you should be proud of. My family will be back, count on it.
Jon Barhorst

Dear Pacific Yachting & Sailing,
My girlfriend Christianne and I have been dating a year and a half. We met at church and have been very much in love this past year. We’d been talking about marriage, but, knowing how much she loves surprises…I wanted our engagement to be unexpected. I told her I would save up for a ring and most likely propose in the Spring of 2007. Having purchased a ring in secret with the help of a good friend, I set the plan in motion. I told her in September that we would be taking a day-trip on Oct. 28th and that it was a surprise. Now all I had to do was plan the perfect proposal…something that would touch her heart in a unique way, and sweep her off of her feet.
Christianne loves the ocean. She loves sail boats, and we’ve often dreamed of owning one in the future. I knew that a proposal on the bow of a sailboat at sunset was just the thing! I found Pacific Yachting and Sailing on the internet, and not only was the location gorgeous…but the price was just right!
She never saw it coming. Even as we boarded, she had no idea I was going to ask her to marry me. She just thought I was being romantic. We enjoyed the bright and beautiful cruise, and when the right moment came…I dropped to one knee and asked her to be my wife. It was glorious! I will never forget that beautiful day.
Thank you Pacific Yachting & Sailing, you made our Engagement Dreams come true!
Sincerely,John J. Wald

Skippered Chartering
Skippered Chartering

Skippered Chartering

We are open for Classes, Skippered Charters, Team Building, Etc. - 9:00 a.m. to Sunset -7 days a week. If your Charter is after our office hours, your Captain will meet you at our office location and take you to your Yacht.
Week-day office hours- 9:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Week-end office hours- 9:00 a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Week-end hours- Classes, Skippered Charters, Team Building, Etc. - 9:00 a.m. to Sunset