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Sail Monterey Bay

Yacht Ownership

Pacific Yachting & Sailing currently has an opening for a new or late model 32'-44' sailing yacht to join our charter fleet. The concept of owning a boat and having it earn it's keep is quite justifiable. Please see testimonal below.

Catalina Starboard

  1. We can help save you money on the purchase of your boat because of our relationship with certain dealers on the West Coast. We can also help you in selecting what type of boat would suit your particular sailing needs.
  2. We provide you with a slip in the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. (Currently there is about a 25 year wait for a slip in the lower harbor).
  3. We split the charter income with the owner 50/50.
  4. We can take care of the complete maintenance program on your boat.
  5. You can claim various tax benefits by placing your boat in charter.
  6. We treat you boat as if it was ours.
  7. Our management program of your yacht, ensures that your investment is protected by a quality maintenance program, rigid screening of bareboat customers, comprehensive insurance coverage, responsible boat management contracts, and more.
  8. Member Discounts on sailing instruction.
  9. Discounts on charter in tropical locations worldwide.
Listed are the responsibilities of Pacific Yachting and the Boat Owner.

  1. Slip fees - $12.29 per foot. (double side tie is $13.54 per foot). Electrical is $38.00 per month only if you are plugged in.
  2. Insurance - about $1,100.-$5,500. depending on boat's value from $20,000-$350,000. All Pacific Yachting owners use Jim Novak to get a group rate discount- 831-423-4304.
  3. Maintenance - anything caused by normal wear and tear from aging or the sun.Example- water pressure pump, batteries, head pump, etc. Pacific Yachting covers many controversial problems that arise if there is a question at matter. We try to be as diplomatic as possible.
  4. Vessel Assist - Pacific Yachting requires that all owners have Vessel Assist towing service - 800-367-8222
Pacific Yachting & Sailing:
  1. Provides a slip/berth in the Santa Cruz Harbor, unless owner has their own.
  2. Pays owner 50% of boat's income (27-46' yachts can earn owner from $2,500 to $9,500 per year depending on quality & popularity of vessel).
    (a.) business is getting stronger yearly - figures could be higher in the future.
  3. Provides maintenance not covered by owner, caused by charter use. Provides substantial discounts on boat parts and maintenance - sub contractors (Note: Pacific Yachting staff spends an insurmountable amount of time arranging sub-contractors, ordering parts, and overseeing all maintenance done on all of the fleet at no charge to the boat owner).
  4. Provides cleaning service and general well being (up keep on boat).
  5. Markets vessel through national advertising, T.V., Newspaper, yellow pages, magazines, phone books, boat shows, outdoor recreation shows, and more.
  6. Provides a complete management program for vessel.
  7. Provides owner with monthly statements for slip and maintenance.
  8. Pacific Yachting wants to make all boat owners as much income as possible because the better you do, the better we do.
Catalina aft

It is very important that the boat owner understand charter placement. We encourage boat owners to use their boats often. However, Pacific Yachting is committed to charter all boats in the Pacific Yachting slips 30-50 or more times per year. This is one of the Santa Cruz Port District requirements pertaining to public use of the slips Pacific Yachting wants to present a professional image to our customers. Having well maintained, clean, excellent working vessels will reflect this. Thus, customers will return and spend more money if they are pleased with our operation.

Please don't hesitate to call us at 831-423-7245/800-374-2626 or e-mail info@PacificSail.com and we can discuss all of the details in person if you want to pursue placing a boat in our charter fleet.


I have a Catalina 320 that was in the Pacific Yachting Fleet since I purchased it new. I moved it out the of the program in March of this year because I wanted it to be closer to my home in Berkeley. I was extremely satisfied with the program at Pacific Yachting & Sailing.

The guys at Pacific Yachting took excellent care of the boat. For me, the Pacific program was perfect because I used the boat for occasional overnights while working in the Santa Cruz area and I sailed mostly on weekday evenings. Pacific Yachting is very flexible about scheduling, so if you want to do weekend sailing it usually works out fine - you just loose some revenue.

Marc is a fantastic guy - absolutely good to his word and goes overboard to do things right. If not clear already, I recommend the program highly.

Best Regards,
Eric Rey

Yacht Brokers - New Boats:

Farllone Yachts - Pat Garfield - 510 523-6730 Catalina Yachts
Santa Cruz slip included if you place it in our charter fleet.

Passage Yachts - Mick Maguire - 510-552-7272
Purchase a new Beneteau.
Santa Cruz slip included if you place it in our charter fleet.

Cruising Yachts/Sail California - 510-523-8503 - John Kuony
Purchase a new Jeanneau, J Boat or quality Pre-Cruised yacht.
Santa Cruz slip included if you place your boat in our charter fleet.