US Coast Guard Licensed Captain-Instructors


Todd Johnson

“Todd kept us engaged and learning throughout the entire course. He has a wealth of knowledge and was detailed and thorough.”


Justin Moore

“Justin was fantastic. He made us feel comfortable about everything we were doing. We are very excited about the opportunity we now have to charter a boat.”


Max Murray

“Max was an amazing instructor. Respectful, constructive, gave praise, therefore allowed for receptive learning.”


Krista Swedberg

“Krista was very patient with us as well as informative. I liked her because she was very well prepared and could answer all of our questions.”


Chris Reuter

“Chris is a phenomenal teacher, not just a good sailor. Beyond being patient and highly observant, Chris created an instructional environment that was very geared toward adult learners.”


Darci Bogdon

“Darci had a great approach to teaching. She was easy, clear, and repeatable.”


Mark Merritt


Stephen Phillips

“Stephen’s vast cruising experiences worldwide brings a special treat to students and passengers on board with him. His ability to communicate precisely and concisely is a compliment he continues to receive often.”


Jeff Cathers


Richard Jensen


John Pancallo


Keith Dahlin

“Keith was very attentive and allowed us to experiment with our level of comfort. We were allowed to retry skills until we were confident that we had it down. He was very informative, not only on the course material, but also on sailing experiences he had that helped us understand what we were trying to accomplish.”


Frank Brauch

“Frank was patient with grumpy and frustrated students and found new ways to explain the difficult concepts. He didn’t give up on explaining things to me, even when I gave up on myself. Very knowledgeable and personal.”


Tina Schwendemann

“Neither my wife nor granddaughter had ever touched a sailboat before. Tina has created two monsters in my home after her cruise with us. My wife wants to purchase a boat and learn to sail it NOW, and my granddaughter thinks she should drop out of college to just go sailing.”


Forest Roberts

“I appreciated the extra time Forest spent to explain how and why things work. He also made sure I was comfortable executing all maneuvers. An excellent instructor who made learning to sail a pleasure.”


Joseph Rogers

“We spent an incredible Father’s Day with the finest captain any of us has ever met on sea or land: Joseph. This captain is by far the most gifted at sea that I have been with, and an exceptional human being to spend 3 hours with. We were all in awe of Joseph’s patience with beginners, while teaching the fine art of sailing. Our 3-hour sail is, perhaps, one of our most memorable events as a family.”


Barry Porter

We had a great time with Barry as our instructor for the Intermediate class. Barry’s knowledge/experience of sailing and attitude towards sailing made it a very easy and comfortable learning situation for us. His method of teaching and specific point of view helped both of us to understand things much more quickly.”


Bryan Meyers

“The quality of instruction I received from Pacific Yachting & Sailing was excellent. In particular I felt fortunate to have had Bryan Myers as an instructor, he really knows a great deal about sailing. Also, I got the feeling he had a genuine interest in making me a better sailor.”


Paul Sable

“Paul refined my technique and allowed me to experiment once I got the basics down. He is very personable and kept an open air of communication between us. It was easy to learn from him; he kept his patience, stressed the importance of certain things and still made it fun.”


Ken Gunville

“Ken was our instructor. His obvious knowledge/experience of sailing and his attitude was great. I have done some sailing in the past, but my friend Erin has done very little. We both learned a lot from Ken and had a great time doing it.”


Craig Kazan


John Ribera


Rusty Kingon


Shiela Hubbard Hendricks


Marc Kraft

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