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Baja, Mexico


I wanted to thank you for helping us get everything set up for our trip to Baja, Mexico. The trip was excellent, it had a really nice blend of adventure and relaxation. The sailing was pretty good, the wind tended to blow in the morning and then drop off around 1 or 2 pretty quickly and then somewhat unfortunately pick back up again around 9or so at night and could blow with some enthusiasm throughout the rest of the night. The anchorages were all pretty good, even though none of them were sheltered from the typical evening breeze, most were relatively well protected from any swell. We only had one bad night and it was unfortunately the first one out. Not knowing any better, our first thought was that our orientation guide was full of crap, but we later learned that everyone had a bad night that night and we might have fared better than others. Supposedly there were two competing low pressure systems creating all kinds of problems. We were well anchored and seemed to have stayed put though. Fortunately the next day took us to a beautiful and serene anchorage on Isla San Francisco where we stayed the next two nights and recovered.

While sailing and exploring the islands we saw lots of wildlife. There was good snorkeling, whales in the distance, dolphins passing by and we even swam with sea lions. The sea lions were probably the highlight of the trip for me. The water was still a little on the cool side. I was fine swimming without a wetsuit when it was hot outside, but did put one on for longer snorkeling excursions. The weather was really nice, it was typically cool at night, usually comfortable (shorts and t-shirt) when the wind was blowing during the day and hot when it wasn’t.

The scenery was very beautiful and we took a bunch of pictures, I’ve put a bunch of them up online if you’re interested.

Thanks again and we hope to make it back down to Santa Cruz sometime soon. Ideally before all of the whales make there way through Monterey bay, but we’ll have to see.
Cheers, Jay