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Thank-you to everyone concerned about the Pacific Sail fleet and Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor after the Tsunami caused mass devastation and chaos this past Friday, March 11th, 2011. Fortunately, with the help of many of our captains & boating neighbors, we continued to replace breaking dock lines and fend off floating boats as much as possible during the event (over 6 hours). Often, it was far too dangerous to actually be on the docks, making it terribly frustrating.

The scene was jaw dropping, intense, treacherous, and gut wrenching. To watch the strong possibility of our entire fleet almost get washed out to sea and have no control of what was happening was quite trying. The currents were similar to watching white water rapids, charging through the harbor with the strength of 10 locomotive trains. Fortunately for us, the upper harbor (behind the bridge from us) received the most of the damage.
A few of our boats on the end tie received minor damage from a loose powerboat and debris that rubbed against them. We’ll be fully open for business by March 21st, 2011 after the Coast Guard cleans up the damage of sunken boats and debris. Below are some videos people captured of the day. We truly appreciate your concerns and look forward to having a great sailing season ahead.

For now, our hearts and prayers go out to the people in Japan and wish them a rapid recovery.


Marc D. Kraft


Marc Kraft running for his life after the people on the bridge saw another wave heading down the channel-

Below are some more YouTube clips-