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Pacific Sail Season is Kicking Off

Hello my fellow sailing enthusiasts, Darci here. The harbor mouth is now open and steadily improving every day thanks to the hardworking dredge crew of the Santa Cruz Harbor. Yes, there is scattered rain here and there due to it being early spring but there are no fair weather sailors here at Pacific Sail. Our love for…

Chartering October 2012 – Orcas & Risso Dolphins

We chartered the Catalina 35 yesterday and I thought I would give you a little feedback about the trip. We encountered one Orca on the way out to the Monterey trench to do some whale watching. He only stayed for a brief showing. About 8 miles out we encountered a pod of several hundred Risso’s dolphins. We had never seen them before and thought they were very amazing. We knew nothing about them except for what we saw on the trip and then looked up later after the trip. We were able to heave-to and stay with them for 30-45 minutes. Although we do have pictures and video, they don’t show up great except for the dorsal fins and a few leaping in the distance. We also saw more jelly-fish than I had seen before. We had one 2 mile…