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Securing Boats

Most of our charterers are doing a great job of properly securing the boats at the end of the sail.  This becomes even more important during the fall and winter months when the harbor can experience strong surge due to storms offshore. The surge really moves the boats around in their slips and puts added…

Spring Lines

Just a reminder-when you secure the boat to the dock, please tie the spring lines around the base of the chain plates, not the stanchions. The stanchions are not meant to sustain the type of lateral loads imposed by the fore and aft movement of the boat. Typing spring lines to the stanchions will cause the base to work loose and water to seep into the deck core (that’s a bad thing). Oh, anybody know the proper knot to tie around the chain plate? (Answer: round turn and two half hitches). Here’s a great resource for all knots…in animation!